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Olde Tyme is New! - lead story in The Renault Times

Olde Tyme is New!

Lead story by Michael Odell

Just announced is the establishment of [community profile] ye_olde_renault, a new community for fans of Mary Renault’s historical novels. Congratulations to our own [ profile] toujours_nigel and [ profile] bee_muse, who will be familiar to all our readers, for their creation of this intriguing addition to Renault fandom.

Unlike our dear familiar [ profile] maryrenaultfics, the new community is based not on LiveJournal but on Dreamwidth, a similar journaling site that is advertisement-free (always a plus). Those who follow members’ personal blogs will long since have spotted that quite a few have already switched to Dreamwidth and ‘cross-post’ entries to LiveJournal. Sadly, this function is not available for communities; so [community profile] ye_olde_renault will be available only on Dreamwidth. It is an open community; so all who are interested can freely read it, follow it, and comment to posts using Open ID. Do please check it out!

The new community has already started a drabble/drawble fest. Prompts are currently being added to the post; and everyone is invited to add their own, claim those that are there, and write or draw responses. So far several people have added suggestions; and it is certain that more will follow.

A major activity in the near future will be a chapter-by-chapter discussion of the Theseus duology, The King Must Die and The Bull from the Sea. We can see their hero from here, lording it round the Clubhouse, pleased as punch with the attention this will bring to his renowned history, while the other characters from his books are basking in reflected glory. So far, our familiar [ profile] maryrenaultfics members have not yet held a CBC on these books; so there is much excitement.

We look forward to hearing more about this book discussion in the near future. Dates to be announced.

Congratulations once again to our own [ profile] toujours_nigel and [ profile] bee_muse ([personal profile] filia_noctis on Dreamwidth), and best wishes for them and all their community members. All of us wish them a long and fruitful future.

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For this, much thanks. Hope to be able to do justice to Theseus.