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Credit Where Credit is Due....

Former members of the late lamented [ profile] maryrenaultfics will undoubtedly recognize the lovely header that tops each page of this site. It graced the earlier community over the course of last summer in celebration of the tenth anniversary of the establishment of [ profile] maryrenaultfics, and was a variant of the header that has been used at that community since 2009.

Because we launched a bit prematurely, owing to the closure of [ profile] maryrenaultfics on January 4th, we don't yet have a proper header of our own. Temporarily, therefore, this is being used—a placeholder, if you will, for the one that will take its place once I've completed it. Of the various versions of the [ profile] maryrenaultfics banner, this one was chosen since the first project on this new site will be the completion of a Tenth Anniversary (10YO) ficlet series that went on hiatus in last fall and could not be completed before the old comm closed.

Credit needs to be given! Like all the headers on [ profile] maryrenaultfics, this one is the creation of one of its moderators, [ profile] my_cnnr. If you want to see more of her handiwork, have a look at this Fanlore article, which is all about [ profile] maryrenaultfics's banners.
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[personal profile] my_cnnr 2015-01-12 11:07 pm (UTC)(link)
Try to be honest, Greer.

You asked if you could use the header art, and we (kindly, as it was TR who responded) declined.

We are not asking that credit be given. We are asking that our work, which you are using not just without permission, but against our express wishes, be removed.

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[personal profile] my_cnnr 2015-01-13 12:10 am (UTC)(link)
This is an impressive start to your new and *cough* more user-friendly atmosphere.

Completely disregarding the wishes of the owner of the work.

Well done.
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[personal profile] toujours_nigel 2015-01-13 03:53 am (UTC)(link)
If the people who made the banner don't want it up, couldn't you maybe leave the comm. without a header until you finish yours?
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[personal profile] toujours_nigel 2015-01-13 08:25 am (UTC)(link)
I rather like it. esp the bull's head.
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[personal profile] toujours_nigel 2015-01-13 09:47 am (UTC)(link)
One could have Alexanders for every year of his short life. *g* Biased, I know.
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[personal profile] my_cnnr 2015-01-13 09:54 am (UTC)(link)
You did not have permission to post our art. We declined your request several days ago, so posting it yesterday was an intentional and willful disregard of the Owner's wishes in favour of your own convenience.