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Title: Jeepers Creepers
Author: Greer Watson
Books: The Charioteer
Characters: Mr Jepson, Ralph Lanyon
Length: 1118 words
Disclaimer: I do not own these characters and make no profit by them.
Author's Note: For Part One, please see either the version on the [livejournal.com profile] maryrenaultfics community or the one in the The Collected ITOWverse.

He strode across the grass, looking neither left nor right, heading through the throng in search of somewhere private where he could fume uninterrupted. Sadly, he found that people—total strangers all of them—seemed to be everywhere. He headed away from the main throng; but, even in the depth of the exotic garden, he kept coming across them, chatting in twos and threes or looking singly at the display of out-of-season flowers. Finally, though, the exercise wore out his anger.

He was tempted simply to leave. However, he was also aware that Mr Reynolds, the Head, had intimated that his attendence was mandatory. It occurred to him that perhaps it would be best to follow his original course, head back to that extraordinarily gaudy tent, and indulge in some of the food on offer. Much time could be passed, if he contrived to eat sufficiently slowly—or eat more than he should (which, he had to admit would not be difficult); and he could thus busy himself with his plate, and justify, or at least seem to justify, his failure to mingle. Besides, he felt a growing internal urgency in the digestive department.
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Just finished ... our own header, now replacing the borrowed one. While keeping some similarities of style with the familiar header from the original [livejournal.com profile] maryrenaultfics of yore, this has been designed to be immediately recognizable also as distinct.

Perhaps most obvious is the black ground. However, a different selection of graphics has been composited, again with the intention of symbolizing various of Mary Renault's novels. Most striking among these images are perhaps the famous Cretan bull rhyton (original photo by Wolfgang Sauber, taken from Wikipedia), and the Etruscan winged horses (original photo by Ulrich Mayring, also from Wikipedia).

The website logo is seen in the centre of the header, comprising the initials MRF2, with "maryrenaultfics2" across the centre. For this version, the logo is superimposed upon a gold laurel wreath commemorating the tenth anniversary of [livejournal.com profile] maryrenaultfics. This reflects the fact that the first project to be undertaken on this community is the completion of the Ten Years On (10YO) Celebrations that were begun last summer.
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Title: Interview with Ralph and Laurie 2014 (Part Two)
Author: Florence A. Watson
Book: The Charioteer
Characters: Laurie Odell, Ralph Lanyon, The Interviewer
Length: 1195 words
Disclaimer: I do not own these characters and make no profit by them.
Author's Notes: (1) Part One of the 10YO interview was originally posted to LiveJournal’s maryrenaultfics community on 03/08/2014. It has since been added to The Collected ITOWverse which provides open access here: http://www.foreverknight.org/FK4/10YOInterview_RalphLaurie.htm
(2) The questions about why Ralph reacted the way he did when seeing Laurie with Bunny were kindly provided by LJ member “debbiraahh”

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