Date: 2015-01-12 11:16 pm (UTC)
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From: [personal profile] greerwatson
I do appreciate that you want me to make my own header. I assure you that I never intended to do otherwise. However, I have not yet managed to finish my own. When this site had to launch prematurely, it seemed to me appropriate to borrow yours for a bit since this new community was, after all, intended to be the child of the original. (Indeed, its first project is the completion of the Ten Years On (10YO) ficlet series that celebrates [ profile] maryrenaultfics's anniversary.)

When [ profile] maryrenaultfics closed, I was still working on the design of this site. I'm sure you can see that I needed to post the "Renault Times" article about [community profile] ye_olde_renault in a timely fashion. I needed a header; and I hadn't got my own done yet. Indeed, I am still picking through graphics and trying to design the logo. As the creator of this header (and all [ profile] maryrenaultfics's other banners), you know that compositing takes time.

I have only borrowed the header, and only for a short time. I intend to continue to work on the new one this evening.

Meanwhile, you certainly deserve to have readers know that this header is your creation; so I've made a new post to ensure that it is quite clear that this is a [ profile] maryrenaultfics banner, one that you created for that community; and that it will be replaced shortly.
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